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Granite Telecommunications
Non Payment

So anyways I got a job with Granite Telecommunications and I did all of the pin pads and network printers completed. It has been going on 3-4 weeks with no responses to emails and no Check. This guy D Allen just stopped contacting me for more work and I'm still with no check today. I took all the ...

Confused About Billing

I mistakenly signed up for the six month membership because I thought the cost was only $9.86 per month. Once I found out I was charged $59.16 I called their customer service line to see if they could help me with this. I didn't have to wait long like you normally do when your on hold for a ...

Collaberea (GCI)
Cheat, ruin career, H1B, GC

Hi... I worked with collabera, USA about 4 years. By my personal experience i always suggest, all H1B's keep away from this company for your bright future. They are the best for finding project, pay on time... but their pay scale is low. It is not low is tactically low. They hire the candidate ...

Scott Copeland Talent

Scott Copeland told me he would be able to book me work for his talent agency.instead, he charged me a $1500 retainer fee that he would never actually refund to me. I had to pay an additional $1000 for two photo-shoots and a few hundred for comp cards. After spending all of this money he did not ...