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Elmar College
School fees

I have a child going to a school called Elmar College in Pretoria west, I have been battling financially and have not been paying school fees for some time, in fact the last payment I made is 1700 rand in June. I know it is my obligation to pay, but what I don't like is the fact that they do not ...

Repo Direct
Zero customer service

To view the content of Repo Direct, you have to sign up and pay them. They present themselves as purveyors of repossessed property. I was looking for an airplane and hoped I would find one in my price range this way. When I signed up, I discovered that the information presented on their web site ...

Sunoco Gas Station
Consumer Review

Took car to have emergency brake cables replaced on both right and left rear. Dropped car off on 3/28 and picked up on 3/29 evening. I dropped my sister off at home and then came home and parked my car. Got up next morning to wash car, seen damage to passenger fender and door. Called Sunoco, talked ...

Consumer Review

Today I received the following text:'Dear Walmart shopper, your purchase last month won a $1OOO Walmart Gift Card. Click here to claim: (quit2end)' The phone number that the text was sent from is: (949) 424-4176 I recognized that this was some scam BS, so I didn't go to the ...
Consumer Report

Purchased a product that was launched by James Bradley. It was called Project Fast Income and I consider him just as guilty as he has an affiliate program that is easy for someone to sell his product. It is also tied in with Binary Options and other such products that showed up in the purchase area. ...