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Never again

When you are a company that only ships out, I would think that the main job of that company is shipping, and so therefor if you use flat rate shipping boxes, why charge the customer double that price? Why not just incorporate the up charge into the product as other sites do, rather then make it look like you offer the lowest price just to be hit with a $12-15 additional cost on 3 bottle stoppers. So this was the question I called to ask, but when I called, the person on the other end said "who is this calling! " I replied, Im sorry, i was calling EZpots, he said "yea this is it." So I started asking about the shipping which at this point regretted wasting my time with, and he said, that's what I charge! and hung up.

I emailed him, This was his email replay to me...

"What you failed to mention is the call itself is rude at 7 in the morning. Shipping charge 12 when the postage said 5 is what I call a confrontational call. What I would have done if I were you is to check the shipping policy page first. Do not email back here again. "

Mind you it was 9 my time in Chicago and there was no business voice mail... even though "office hours" are posted on the website.

This has to be the most unprofessional business I have EVER dealt with. I shutter to think what would happen if I had to return something. What is the point of having a business number posted on the website if a customer cannot call it? Or having a question or complaint if you cannot voice it? I stay away from unprofessional companies like this. I have never been so compelled to write a poor review. Lastly, some of the wine stoppers I received are flawed, but I will not waist my time calling them again, I would rather take this as a lesson and go with one of the many other companies.



Company: Ezpots.Com

Country: USA   City: Seattle   ZIP: 98126
Address: 37 Th Ave SW # 2721
Phone: 2069387474

Category: Art & Creative Work

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March 12, 2022 06:25 PM
I want to addendum my last review to clarify a fact. I ordered 9 bottle stoppers or 3 sets of 3. In my review I wrote 3 which was a mistake. Shipping would be the same regardless. Also, I was charger $12 for shipping of this item, and my comment of 12-15 is general that "some businesses" choose to do this. Otherwise I stand by my review, It is honest and factual and I personally believe people need to know this information. I tried to edit the actual review but it is coming up with an error.

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