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Took my money

On the 24th of July, Telesave took R90 out of my account. I don't even know who Telesave is, and I don't understand why they would take money from my account. I'm scared they might take more money as time goes by. Please help. ... Uk
Consumer Review

Applied for visa on 30th january, my trip was cancelled on the 31st Jan informed Visa 24 by telephone on the 1st Feb that trip was cancelled and no longer needed visa. Visa 24 telephoned me demanding the full amount to be paid otherwise they would not return my passport, After a long telephone call ...

Farmfreund Boshoff Beyers
Cattle immobiliser

Be very very wary of Farmfreund and in particular Boshoff Beyers, he is a scam artist with registered companies from Germany to South Africa. He will take your money promising the earth and never deliver. He is abusive and has every excuse Farmfreund is a cover company with many layers and an ...