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Scam, rip off, horrible customer service, fraud

I am not shocked to read the negative press about Tracy Bernardo but I am shocked that he is still scamming people with his claims of worlds smallest mini pigs. Obviously from all the internet communication I was a lucky one to actually get my pig that i paid for... I do adore my precious pig BUT it at 1 1/2 years old she is ANYTHING but mini, nano, tiny, teacup, itzy bitzy..She is a stealth 75lb pig that was adopted with a money back guarantee stating that if she exceeds 22lbs I can return her. ABSURD and horrific to think that I would return my pig to a lying, uncaring, broker, Mr. Bernardo sent me threats of law suits if I posted the truth- he cursed me out on various voice males and blocked and answered a yelp rating with more and more lies. WHY is he still allowed to post beautiful pictures of piglets that he has never ever come in contact with and claim that "HIS" pigs are handled daily, monitored and cared for by the very best- he does NOT have any contact with pigglets-thank goodness, he only has a beautiful website that sucks customers in on cute factor and lies.



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March 14, 2022 07:13 AM
I'm sorry to hear what you went through, we have exposed Tracy to the fullest on the internet. Not only is he still trying to sell pigs hes operating a web design company which are basically reselling cheap templates for thousands.

We found his past companies in which he has done exactly the same thing, you said:

"he cursed me out on various voice males and blocked and answered a yelp rating with more and more lies."

He has done that many times to try and take the spotlight away from himself and he was caught doing so, he replied to TeachingENG saying she was a competitor, then she exposed him more then he told everyone she was "the most irresponsible pig customer to purchase from them", first he said he wasn't a customer now shes a customer, then it ended with him accusing her of child molestation, Tracy Bernardo is a sociopath, he will lie, lie and lie to put himself in a good light but we exposed him, we have found more than 22+ victims online who had been scammed by Tracy, there's no way he can defend himself with his lies anymore.

Tracy Bernardo is the Bernie Madoff of online business. All he cares about is making a profit without caring who he scams or steps over. He will string along his victims with promises and promises without following through, he then tries everything he can to cover up his unethical business practices by blaming, slandering and creating false accusations to his victims, none of which is ever truthful information. This man is disgusting and a threat to anyone!

I'm glad you actually received a pig, hope you and your pig are happy and healthy. <3
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