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Xinnix Bus Company
Failed Pick Up

The pick up location in New York City changes without notice. Despite having purchased my ticket beforehand--mistake number one--no bus came to the location designated on my ticket. I had arrived fifteen minutes ahead of the pickup time--ten PM... the last bus to Baltimore--mistake no. two. So, ...

Florida Resort Vacations

I'm writing to state my problem what in my opinion are dishonest requirements run with a business named Florida Resort Vacations. Some 3 to 4 months before although on the safe view I replied to a contact stating I had been the 1millionth client also it stated I'd gained an all-expenses visit to ...

Horizons Rewards

Sent this company 100.00 to reserve a cruise, after I recieved a second "activation form" from them I did my research and found out they had scammed many others. I called the number from the paperwork I had and it was no longer in service and no other way to contact them. They are ...