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ComplaintsNews.com is a site for consumer reviews and complaints.

Every consumer of goods and services can leave on the site ComplaintsNews.com a claim, a complaint, review or negative report on the firm, company, shop, service or web-based project, whose actions left this consumer dissatisfied. The reasons for that may be, for example, nonobservance of liabilities, poor performance of works (or providing services), deception, fraud, breach of confidentiality or copyright violation, impairment of one's honor and dignity, defamation, spamming, etc.

ComplaintsNews.com not a public office, government agency or any other government institution. ComplaintsNews.com is not a commercial organization or a punitive agency. ComplaintsNews.com does not act as a judge and does not make decisions about the degree of guilt or innocence of the parties. ComplaintsNews.com does not take any actions associated with the solution of any problems the participants and users of the site might have.

ComplaintsNews.com allows the complainant and the company, against which a complaint or negative review is posted, to resolve the conflict situation on their own in a constructive personal, or (if preferred by the parties), public bilateral dialogue. We hope that the claimant's desire to redress an injustice and the company's desire to get rid of a negative review left publicly will help remove all misunderstandings. Unauthorized persons, if they are not parts of the dispute, have an opportunity to read the dialogue, as well as to comment and express their opinion about the conflict resolution.

ComplaintsNews.com is an information resource that is designed to inform people.

Terms of Use

1. General

1.2. Ignorance of the rules or not reading them is no excuse for you;

1.3. By submitting a complaint or commenting on it, the author confirms that only he/she, and not the site administration of ComplaintsNews.com, is responsible for the content of the complaints published. The complainant understands that if his complaint contains slander, false information or insult, it could result in liability under the applicable law.

1.4. The administration reserves the right to change the rules without prior notice. Additions and changes to the rules take effect upon their publication.

1.5. The administration of the site has the right to send the most important site news to the e-mail specified by a user.

2. Registration

Registration on the site allows you to get your unique nickname, and also provides a user with lots of useful features (such as creating complaints, commenting on them, using personal messages, personal signature, avatar, rating, etc.)

2.1. Your e-mail address must be valid.

2.2. It is forbidden to register meaningless nicknames (like !3rao789), it is also forbidden to use obscene words, website addresses, e-mail addresses, etc. in a nickname. You can use your real name as a nickname - it's your right.

2.3. Dual registration (using two or more nicknames) is forbidden, so is usurpation of nicknames (registering nicknames so that other people couldn't use them). Doubling an existing nickname (registering a visually similar one) is also forbidden. Violators will be identified and blocked. If you decide to change your nickname, an old nickname should be closed.

3. Prohibitions

3.1. Any activity that goes contrary to the laws of the United States of America is forbidden on the site.

3.2. Calls for violence, abuse of participants, provocations of such abuse, the use of rude and obscene expressions, making personal remarks, as well as the use of avatars with rude and obscene words.

3.3. Publication of meaningless and uninformative messages, or messages which do not correspond with the site subject.

3.4. Publication of clearly advertising messages, as well as persistent publication of messages with calls to visit a particular site. Administrators have the right to delete messages with advertisements and to ban the addresses of particularly insistent "ad makers". It is up to the administrators to define whether something looks like advertising or not.

3.5. Particularly insistent advertising in user's signatures and avatars is also disapproved.

3.6. Personal correspondence on the site. If you communicate with someone on the forums and your communication is interesting only to you and your companion, the best way is to move the dialogue in PM, or E-mail, ICQ, Skype, etc.

3.7. It is not allowed to discuss the administrator's actions in an open form. If there is anything in their actions that you don't like, you should write to any of the site administrators.

3.8. It is forbidden to use images and inscriptions of more than two lines in size as signatures.

3.9. Creating clone accounts without a special need and without the site administrator's consent. Clones, especially those that are registered after the main account has been banned or sent to a pre-moderation will be banned when detected without any warning.

3.10. It is forbidden to post on the site unverified information or information without stating the sources, as well as information that might discredit some person or entity and has no relevant evidence. Those who have such information and want to take an active part in clarifying the circumstances of the case should contact the relevant organizations.

3.11. The site administration seeks to maintain the service in a form suitable for all audiences, but is not obliged to monitor or filter the content of individual complaints or comments to them. The editors are not responsible for the content which is posted by readers. Complaints and comments are added through the form on the site, and may be published without prior moderation.

4. Recommendations

4.1. The complaints posted on the site must meet specific requirements: minimum of emotion and maximum of facts. If, for example, someone gave you a light weight in a shop, do not write that "This shop is stealing!" They are cheaters! ", you must give a specific example. Or, instead of writing "All the saleswomen are stupid and always rude!" you should describe the situation in detail.

4.2. Due to the large number of complaints on the site, use a search on the site when creating a new complaint, to avoid duplication of information and starting topics with identical or similar content with the existing ones.

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