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These people are the worst scam artists

These people are the worst scam artists- First they make you pay a fee and then when they can't do anything they tell you sorry you cannot have a refund. What's worse is that this Marcio guy has a pitbull in the company named Pamela Diaz- What is she his guard dog? Everytime I emailed or called I got put over to this woman who does not care that this was my hard earned money they took from me- and then This Karla the " assistant manager" who is she? She is not nearly as bad as Marcio's pitbull but she has a sharp tongue. I am most sicked by Paul Dillingham who took my information in the 1st place and told me nothing but lies- he said I would get a full refund no matter what- Yes I read the contract and I asked him about it too- especially the part where it says you have to meet all this crap to get your money back and he told me it did not apply to me.

So I did a little home work- if you google marcio andrade in florida where that mail goes too from another post you will find a ton of info on him he was a mortgage broker- that should tell you something right there the scum of the earth this guy took peoples money and probably made millions of fof hard working people like you and me.

check out these links: trk=ppro_find_others

My personal favorite PersonID=534010066

which has a photo of our rip off con artist- he's very young and he obviously is smiling because he has stolen so much money.

One more feast your eyes on this

Marcio Andrade has been in the Real Estate/Mortgage Business since and is an Expert in the areas of Real Estate Finance and Mortgages. He really sets himself apart from the competition because he takes on the role of being his Clients' Financial Advisor in Real Estate, and often manages the Debt Structure of their entire Real Estate Portfolio, whether it consists of 1 or 100 properties.

Marcio currently resides in Gainesville, Florida with his Wife Korina Meza ( and his Dog Ketchup.

I feel sorry for the dog- EVERYONE GO TO THIS LINK! This is his wife, who on earth lets their wife do this? He will stop at nothing to make money.

Anyone care to see a photo of Pamela? Here you go fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=217671071

Granted she's a pretty one- but watch out don't let her fool you she is a guard dog from hell! It says right on the page that she works for Jade Rock Enterprises DBA that is how I know it's the same woman. And Yes she is from San Diego that is what it says on her web site- hmmm does anyone from this company actually work in Nevada?

I just wonder how these people can sleep at night knowing what they do is just morally wrong.



Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Reno
Phone: 8002010001

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