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WORST of the WORST!!!

Company DS Construction is the WORST of the WORST! After purchasing our first home in December of my husband and I only got to live there 6 months before our devastating fire. Last April we had an electrical fire and we lost everything except the clothing on our back. We only wished we had known about all of the complaints with the BBB and Consumer Affairs (Monmouth County) before we hired D.S. Construction to help us rebuild our home and our lives. The thought to research this company never crossed our minds. We are not sure if it was because we were vulnerable from the fire or the fact that the owner of the company (Dan Sachkowsky) is a cousin of my husband!!

In 4 months, the only thing that D.S. Construction has completed is the demo and framing of our house, and roof, which would normally take only a few weeks. The house was left abandoned for an extended period of time (months) while we waited for windows. We were told these windows were ordered in November followed by the siding (come to find out neither was ever ordered) and it is now February, and to date we have neither! We repeatedly called the window guy that D.S. Construction ordered the windows from and he repeatedly lied to us as well! We are told one lie after another and that is only if we are lucky enough to get in contact with DS Construction since they never answer the phone or return our emails. If they decide to return your call, they call Verizon voicemail directly and leave us a message so we will get a voicemail and our phone actually never rings. It is extremely frustrating!!!

Due to the fact that D.S. construction promised us a "Late December or Early January completion date" we are now faced with extremely high monthly expenses. They even went as far as to have us thinking we might be back in home for the holiday season. To date our house is only about 25% completed after 4 months, which is the total amount of time it should have taken to complete! We dont think they ever had the intention to finish this job. We tried to get in contact with them to inform them that we failed our first inspection but there is always some kind of callous excuse.

The owner of the company put us (his family) on the street while he recently got engaged, lavishly vacationed in Mexico with his family, and is currently planning a destination wedding thereMost likely on our dime!! The crew has not showed up for the past 2 1/2 months which left us with no choice but to spend additional money we dont have and retain a lawyer.

We were promised all of these upgrades for a very low price and told that little profit would be made from us, because we were family. To date we have received nothing but stress and heartache. We dont sleep anymore and have become depressed due to all the financial strain. We have no more money to finish this home and are paying a mortgage every month for a house that is not lived in.

All of DS Construction's estimates are extremely low ($5,500 to redo our entire kitchen), that is until the work actually begins and the demands for more money start. Actually, I think the only time they return our calls is when they are looking for more money. We didnt understand at first why they needed more money when they still should have had over half left over from what we originally gave them. The quality of materials and work they perform is poor. They shattered our sliding glass doors, left debris everywhere and we even found bottles of alcohol left on our lawn. When you ask for standard products (which is considered an upgrade) you are given astronomical prices, none of which mattered to us because we never received any of the materials promised.

In a nutshell, D.S. Construction has stolen our money (fire victims) and to justify it, they sent a bogus "new" estimate of all of the completed work. From this estimate, D.S. Construction acknowledges they owe us money but still will not refund it. They also will not return our hundreds of calls, text messages or emails. WE SUGGEST YOU DONT USE THIS COMPANY! Our life has turned into a nightmare. We are out of money, and are left with a pile of burnt wood to stare at and continue to pay for because of them. Unless you want useless estimates, poor work, failed inspections, lies, abandonment, debt, stress, heartache and aggravation, do not use D.S. Construction. Can you imagine how they would treat you if they treated their own blood like this? We dont know how he sleeps at night knowing what he is doing to us!

If our word is not good enough, all you have to do is a search on the internet for D.S. Construction and you will find a ton of disgruntled ex-customers, some with stories worse then ours. You can also call Consumer Affairs in Monmouth County to inquire. They are well aware of D.S. construction. Their license should be taken away forever so no more victims suffer.


Company: DS Construction

Country: USA   State: New Jersey   City: Howell
Phone: 7328040011

Category: Construction & Repair


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