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Here's the first of my issues with UPS and the Billing

Here's the first of my issues with UPS and the Billing department. Let me note the local drivers and supervisor's have all been very helpful, even have their cell number in case I need to get a package out later than normal. So no issue with service, but Billing, well that is a whole different subject. Hope you have some time to read.

Lisa Received call that the Aiken SC account, was on credit hold for non-payment.
She received the call from Miss Kelley with NCO Financial Systems, Inc. 866-341-8884.
(I was unaware that Miss Kelley was with NCO, at the time since Lisa was handling the situation).
After speaking with Miss Kelley, found out we had not received an invoice from UPS since January.
No reason given as to why. Address was correct on invoices and we had received them in the past.
Miss Kelley faxed all the invoices to Lisa, who cut a check for $1,590.26,

I was brought into the fray, because of the “Everything Else” ruling.
Sent an e-mail to Joan Hollis our CSR asking if she would please look into what was going on.

While looking into the UPS invoices, noticed that the Richland account, was not being charged the correct amounts.
Back on 1-4, UPS came out with Smart Pickup, which I signed up for effective 1-25, $10.00 weekly pick up charge.
We had been overcharged $110.00 since that time. So I checked my settings on and they had reverted back to previous.
So I changed them again, and logged out, then logged back in, they had reverted back again.
Sent an online response to the problem with the Smart Pickup, (Request 100512-009358)
Went back into my account settings and set the account for Smart Pickup.
Appears to have worked this time.

Received a reply from Manette L. Who gave me the UPS Billing Customer Service # 1-800-811-1648 to call to correct the overcharges.
Spoke with a very nice lady in the Billing center, who gave us the $110.00 in overcharges as a credit on our next billing. (received it)

UPS sent me an e-mail saying I could pick up my most recent invoice for account 787753 online.
I signed up to view invoices but not for the invoices to be in EDI form, not sure what happened.
Downloaded the Invoice for 787753 and handed to Lisa for payment.

Called UPS Billing in reference to the Aiken account, spoke with Latonda.
The Aiken account has been cancelled as of 5-11, for non-payment.
Explained we had not received an invoice since January, maybe she could explain why.
Per her records, Danny S had signed up for EDI in January (while he was in the hospital).
Told her that it was a mistake and I would like to change it back. I would have to call AR to resolve the problem.
Called 877-869-7502, after 25 minutes on hold got a hold of Bailey.
Told me to go into and change the settings under the Aiken account.
System unavailable, she referred me to technical support.
Elestasio: Had me shut down the browser, did not work, had me shut down the computer, did not make a difference.
Wanted me to shut down the server, told him I needed to speak with someone else, it was not a technical problem on my end.
Told me to try again later, it would probably work, he could not help me.
1:45 PM tried again, same problem. Called, got Jessica. She told me account closed, would have to be taken care of in AR.
1:54 PM called AR, Juliet, sorry sent to Third Party Collection NCO, call them at 866-341-8884.
1:57 PM called NCO, waited for 5 minutes then got the leave a message we will call you back. Did so.
4:54 PM called NCO again, waited for 5 minutes again and then was hung up on.

7:05 AM called NCO again, waited for 5 minutes again, left another message.
9:11 AM called UPS Customer Service 800-742-5877, Amy, redirect to Robin.
Robin says to call AR again and ask for a Manager.
Got a hold of Bob, who attempted to get a manager while I explained the situation.
Sorry can only use a payment plan no options. Requested to speak with his supervisor.
Sorry his supervisor says (through Bob) because we were sent to collections and have a history can only pay with CC or electronic payments.
Does not care that it might have been a UPS’ mistake, that’s the line and not going to vary from it.
Told me to contact NCO and they might be able to fix the problem.
2:06 PM called Miss Kelley, have to call UPS to fix problem they are just the collection agency.
2:20 PM call Eric, 783-2419 local manager, he will make some calls.
2:45 PM Joan Hollis local customer service rep gives me a call, told story. She will get it fixed, should be no problem.

Joan Hollis calls, says she spoke with her supervisor in Seattle, don’t see a problem.
She has to call the SC office. Joan calls the SC office.
Evidently the SC office doesn’t see it the same way. She will contact her supervisor again and she will call OHIO.

UPS sent me an e-mail saying I could pick up my most recent invoice for account 111111 online.
Well this proves if you set up EDI you get an e-mail sent. Wonder what happened in Aiken’s case?

Received a letter from CST. Co. About our UPS Supply Chain Solutions account, WWWWWW, some guy named Saranovish is on the account.
Evidently we did not pay a bill dated 10-15. Never received from what I can tell. We owe the money, no complaint there.
Just strange in that we have other billings on that very same account and no mention of a late or non payment of an invoice.
11:15 AM Chris the local UPS driver, delivers packages and asks where my pickup is. No pickup, but his handheld device has not cleared.
Computer issues, possibly, don’t know. Worked on Friday.
2:17 PM Call Dan Moody, CST Co, asking about letter, told him story. Says his contact at UPS is Mary Arnese 570-969-3371.
2:30 PM Call Mary Arnese at UPS, left message.

We get letter from NCO saying account has been placed with them for collections.
2:35 PM send e-mail to Joan asking for an update, did her supervisor talk to anyone in OHIO, also let her know about the other two incidents.
4:15 PM Joan replies back that she and her supervisor will be in town tomorrow and could they stop by.
Come on down, I should be in around 9 AM.

6:02 PM Joan sends e-mail with apology, will be in tomorrow by 9:30 AM with supervisor.

11:00 AM I call Joan, tell her I have another meeting will be gone for a while.
11:52 AM Joan and supervisor show up at front counter, Mary calls me and then hands the phone over.
I explain, I called left message, have other duties, maybe we can get together in the afternoon.
She explains, they have enough information should be no problem to fix, once they get a hold of correct person.
3:00 PM call Joan, leave message.

Call UPS Supply Chain Solutions 843-767-6008, the number that is on the billing, get a hold of Nicole after 2 more transfers.
Nicole can not find account or invoice. Please fax information from CST, faxed 8 pages of information.
Not handled out of her office, need to speak with Cleveland office, Patricia Woodard, 734-840-0022.
10:25 AM Left message for Patricia Woodard.
11:00 AM Chris drops off packages, asks how it’s going, explain my frustration.
He calls his supervisor.
11:25 AM Joan calls and asks how it is going, tell her not too well, but what I have been doing to fix the problem.
She states they are working on it from their end, I will continue with my research.
Patricia calls back, she is in the Detroit office not the Cleveland office, she has never seen information before.
Passed off to Ron Bordo, 518-298-8000, New York office.
12:15 PM left message for Ron.
Ron called back, shows the only account for us is in Pasco with no activity since 2004. Told him we moved in 2006.
Then gave him the WWWWW account on the paperwork. Found account, but I have to speak with Patrick Orlando 570-969-3559.
States that there are 400,000 people working for UPS and he is sorry I have been passed around to so many people, but he is unable to help.
12:51 PM called Mr. Orlando and left message to call.
2:27 PM The heck with this, take package to Post Office. Traffic jam at intersection, just how my week is going.
4:00 PM Joan calls asks if Patricia had called me back. Explained she had, but had passed the buck to Ron who sent me to Patrick.
Joan will call Patrick and see what is going on.

10:33 I call Patrick Orlando again at 570-969-3559, he is out of office until June 1st. Left message to call me then.

7:30 AM Danny sent his first UPS Invoice Notification (that he had received).
8:18 AM Forward the e-mail Danny sent to me to Joan Hollis to show her the UPS Invoice Notification.
8:33 AM Conference call from Patrick Orlando & Joan Hollis, spoke to him, explained we had not been notified of late invoice.
He said he was sorry we had not been notified, would send an e-mail to CST and cc me. Simple easy solution.
Make note of Patrick’s phone number, just in case.
12:32 PM Receive e-mail from Patrick with cc to Dan Moody at CST, and Mary Arnese at UPS to decease dunning.
Learned a new word today, dunning.
1:44 PM Forward Patrick’s e-mail to Joan & Lisa.

4:32 PM Receive e-mail from Joan telling me both accounts are now active, but also set up for PDF invoicing.
She sent instructions on how to change back, same ones as before, same problem, will not let me change Aiken account.
Joan says she will come out and get technical service on the phone and get it corrected. Come on down.
4:55 PM I send Joan 3 screen prints of the problem in an e-mail.
5:03 PM Joan asks if I signed in as Danny (yes I did). Suggests Danny sign in from Aiken.

10:25 AM Send Joan e-mail saying that I had contacted Aiken and had them sign in from Aiken. Same problem.
It is not our computer’s it is UPS that has a lock on the account, so that we can not change back to paper invoices.
I have no problem with the local account, but have not yet changed it until I get the Aiken account corrected.

11:46 am Send Joan e-mail asking if I should call or contact anyone, since the account is now active, but can not change Aiken.

8:00 AM Danny and I both get UPS PDF Invoice notifications. Go to and download both new invoices.
Decide to try and call the Technical Support number on the e-mail 866-717-2692. Speak with Holly, Status of Account still in Question.
Transfer over to Susan (10 minutes on hold), sorry, still showing as Cancelled, must call A/R they are the only ones who can fix the problem.
11:20 AM Joan calls, gives me update. It is in the corporate office’s hand back east. She asks for the Aiken account password, give it to her.
That way corporate UPS can take a look at the problem and possibly get it corrected.
Told her I liked being able to look at invoices online, but we prefer the paper invoice to be sent.
I signed up the local account so that I thought I was going to be able to look at invoices online and still get the paper invoice, but my understanding must not have been the same as what technical support told me how it was going to work.
11:45 AM Get e-mail from Michael R, at UPS Technical Support, evidently Joan had written to them using my name and account number to try and get the situation corrected. Michael R, says should be an easy fix, but need to supply my User ID & Password. Don’t like giving those in e-mails, but what the heck, can’t hurt now. Give him the requested information for the Aiken account. (copy of e-mail at bottom of this message)
2:41 PM Go online, log into the Aiken account and notice it no longer shows up for UPS PDF invoicing. Must be fixed, Hooray.
Send e-mail to Joan with screen print of page.

11:45 AM Get e-mail from Michael R telling me that account (local) is no longer enrolled in UPS PDF invoicing. I had no problem with the Richland account, it was the Aiken account, throw my hands up.

I never gave Michael R my local login or password, so how did he change that account?
Copy below:
Billing Solutions Technical Support

Response (Michael R.) 06/09 11:45 AM
Dear Michael,

Thank you for your follow up. I can certainly understand your trepidation regarding offering your login credentials over email. Please note that this information was only used to aid in the resolution of this specific issue.

I can confirm that Electronic Billing is now canceled for account number (local) and you have been returned to paper billing immediately. Account number (Aiken) is currently not enrolled in Electronic Billing, however, there is a status issue with the account itself. For more information and to address this issue please contact your UPS Account Manager or Customer Service directly at 1-800-742-5877.

Lastly, if you would like to change your password going forward, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to the site ( using your user ID and password.

2. Click on the "My UPS" tab, located in the upper left hand side of the page.

3. Click on the "Manage My UPS" link.

4. Click on the "Change Password" link.

5. Enter your new password information and click on the [Change Password] button.

Note: passwords are case sensitive and must contain at least six and no more than ten characters. We suggest that your password uses only alphanumeric characters (A - Z, a - z, and 0 - 9).

Please contact us if you need any additional assistance.

Michael R.
UPS Technical Support
UPS now has a new app that lets you Track, Ship, Find Locations and obtain rate quotes directly from your smartphone. Go to m. or visit to learn about Apple and BlackBerry device-specific applications.
Customer 06/08 04:40 PM

Have previously given the information to Joan Hollis, who it appears wrote the letter to you.

Normally I would not give the information in an e-mail.

But, what the heck, here is the information you have requested.

User ID: Aiken

Password: edited for content.

From: [email protected] [mailto: [email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, June 08 11:45 AM
Subject: Billing Solutions Technical Support [Request: 100608-008599]
Response (Michael R.) 06/08 02:44 PM
Dear Michael,

Thank you for your inquiry. I apologize for the difficulty you have encountered with eBilling. The good news is that this should be an easy issue to resolve. PLease reply to this message with the following information so that we can expedite the resolution of this issue and return you to hard copy billing: User ID: Password:

Please contact us if you need any additional assistance.

Michael R.
UPS Technical Support
UPS now has a new app that lets you Track, Ship, Find Locations and obtain rate quotes directly from your smartphone. Go to m. or visit to learn about Apple and BlackBerry device-specific applications.
Customer 06/08 12:25 PM
FFBProduct: UPS PDF Invoice
Comments: Company in Richland, is having a terrible time trying to get their account and their office in Aikin, back to paper invoicing. Somehow they got signed up for electronic billing and bills went unpaid to the point they were sent to collection. Michael, with the home office in Richland, paid the balance and would like to have the Aikin bills sent to Richland for payment and taken off electronic billing. He has talked with nearly 60 people in UPS trying to get this taken care of and this week we are starting on the 4th week and we still can't get it taken care of. It has taken a lot of my time, and his, and we still are caught in the loop of TSG & FSG say he needs to log in and cancel his registration but the system doesn't allow him to do that as the account is still showing cancelled, but he paid his bill and wants to back to paper billing and the Billing Center says he needs to contact AR and round and round he goes. He is getting very frustrated with the whole process of why it has turned into something so complicates and it is taking so much of my time to help, is there anyone you can suggest to help get this account put back on paper invoicing again?

This is a great customer and I would hate to see him go with another carriers because this is taking so long.

9:06 AM Forward Michael R’s e-mail to Joan, just so she can see what happened.

6-10 Joan calls, at least the Aiken account is active once again, mission accomplished. No more PDF invoicing, all accounts will come to the Corporate office for payment.
Then Joan tells me that we have credits on the account because we overpaid, how do I want to handle those. She suggests having them show on the next statement, I say yes that would work for me.


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