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Bank Of America
Ripoff for $29,915.00 dollars from my bank account savings

Bank Of America gave away $29,915.62 of my life savings and won't give me one red cent back. Bank of America cashed 42 forged checks at 8 of there branches while I was sick and I ended up in the hospital and under 24/7 medical care for a month.

Bank Of America ripoff for $29,915.00 dollars from my bank account savings Seattle, Washington This is me picketing the Northwest headquarters of Bank of America in downtown Seattle today 5/20/05 I had a lot of people including Bank of America employees agree with me that the bank needs to follows its own rules and make this rip-off right.

The bank told me when I reported the wrong balance that they were definitely where forged and they are going to cover their mistake but due to the large amount it would be transferred to the banks fraud department. I got a call a week later from a Tim Whitesitt and here is where things get really bad.

Tim pretty much laughed and said boy oh boy you really got hit hard didn't you. I said What? Your bank said its insured and I get reimbursed right? Tim laughed and said I was at fault for not reporting it sooner. Tim said it had been more then 60 days from the first forged check.

I said where is this rule and what about the last forged check written 2 days before reporting the fraud and closing my account? Tim just laughed and said that doesn't matter. What abot the banks managers mistake on issuing the checks to the wrong account? Tim said with a laugh, That does not matter.

I explained how I had become sick and how I had gone to my local branch and talked with the bank manager about a internet purchase I had been charged twice for $20.00.I explained that the bank manager had me close my checking account and how she (Valerie Lunn) had set-up 2 new accounts for me to prevent any fraud to my accounts.

Valerie Lunn of the Cle Elum, Washington Bank of America branch explained that I was to just use one account to keep money in and the other account to do ALL transactions from. I was to use the first account ONLY to transfer funds to the second as needed and that way No One could really do much fraud and it would be notice right away and dealt with. Thats what I did... Also Valerie Lunn, explained that if fraud occurred it was covered by the bank. Total Security Protection as stated on your websites.

Well that sounded good to me and after all this was a bank branch and manager I had done business with for 18 years so they know how to keep my money safe right? WRONG!

This was in late July and I was busy seeing doctors to try and figure out why I was feeling sick. I had a bunch of test done in the middle of august I had more test done and also received a box of checks to my new active account. I counted the checks and locked them in my desk at home. I don't use checks unless there is no other way. I use the visa to pay almost everything I do. Bills, gas, food and etc. I write maybe 2 checks a month on the average and mail them from a drop box. Heck I watch the news and hear about mail theft now and then.

Late august I went on a trip for 2 weeks and returned to find out from the doctor I had a disease and if I did not feel better soon I needed to seek medical help as this disease can be fatal if not treated correctly. I had to seek medical help and check into the hospital on 10/16/04 and was under 24/7 medical care till 11/11.04 at which time I was under home care with my sister for another month. I am still under a doctors care and temporary disabled. I don't know how long or if I will ever be off the disable static?

Well back to Bank Of America!!! Little did I know that the Bank Manager had issued the checks I received to the secure account she had told me not to use for anything but transferring money to my second active account. My check where stolen and I didn't even know it because I had one check book with me for those few check I might have to write and that was very few checks in a several months time. Heck I was in the hospital a month.

From September 1st till December 23rd the theft's wrote 42 checks for $29,915.62 against my secure account. The last check was written for $1,233.00 on the 21st of December. That is more then 60 days from the first check forged so the bank says I lose it all. I got my hands on a bank account rule book that the bank doesn't seem to give everyone when the open a account (ignorant is no excuse for the law) and here is what I read on page 32

Bank of America account Rule Book (Deposit Agreement And Disclosures)

Page 32

If your Statements shows transfers that you did not make, tell us at once. If you do not tells us in writing within 60 days after the statement was mailed to you, you may not get back any money you lost after the 60 days, If we can prove that we could have stopped someone from taking the money if you had told us in time.

I reported it after 60 days. Hummmm? Here is what the next paragraph say's in there little rule book???

It reads like this.

If for a good reason (such as a long trip or hospital stay) kepts you from telling us, We will extend the time period.

The bank refuses to even consider my claim. I have letters from the bank vice president of relations Jim Blanton in Seattle and the investigator Tim Whitesitt in Seattle saying you been denied and we don't want to even talk to you anymore, basically they say Go Away!!! All letters to Ken Lewis the CEO of Bank of America are just forwarded to Seattle main office. The tallest building in the Northwest USA. The Columbia building in downtown Seattle.

This is down right bank robbery !!! The bank has given my life savings to criminals and told me it's not their problem. Your bank was put in trust of my money. I have tried every way possible except a long expensive lawsuit to get my money back. I have all the documentation to prove everything I say and welcome being contacted by a good lawyer or any other form of help. Right now I would like to hear what the people have to say

I will not go quietly into the dark and be silent. I will not vanish without a very long fight.

How can they use the word (America) in there name and steal from people like this???This brings new meaning to the words Bank Robbery!!! I was robbed by Bank Of America.

The gloves are off Bank of America. I tried your way for justice and it took you well over 60 days to even tell me where the checks where even cashed at. 2 checks you call undetermined bank locations. What??? You cant even tell which branch of yours they where cashed at???

The police need to know this to know who's jurisdiction the crimes where in and what agency goes after the criminals and your well aware by now that I closed my account and protested your Bank of America branch (Issaquah Wa. West branch) yesterday that cashed over $11,000 dollars and 18 forged checks at and you know that a few thousand cars driving by saw my sign.

You know people came up to me and read my flyers and letters and you know they agree with me 100% Most where shocked but read your managers letters and your rule book and said oh my gosh the bank ripped you off. Doesn't Bank of America ever check signatures??? Not in my case they never checked a signature even once.

All you did and can do is watch me tell everyone my story and calling the police on me did no good did it? I was just telling my story and protesting as this countries 1st amendment protects me to do so. The police called me and said I was total legal later that day. So you cant hide behind the police either. There is no slander in telling my true story. Our founding father knew this and made it the very first amendment. True shall prevail. Free Speech is alive and well and if my protest is total legal as it will always be.

When will you see your business is the people and there accounts at your banks? I trusted your bank..I guess most people do trust there banks? That's where we are supposed to be safe with our money. If that trust is broken??? What will become of that bank???

ThomasShoreline, Washington


Company: Bank Of America

Country: USA   State: Washington   City: Seattle
Address: 100 North Tryon Street
Phone: 2063583346

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