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Larry Landen Attorneys

We were sent a letter from CHARTIS insurance recommending them as the Law firm we should use, but after sometime they received the funds from insurance company, they have since disappeared. They no longer have office at Khotso house, because they did not pay rent. And my family and I have a problem ...

Repo Direct
Zero customer service

To view the content of Repo Direct, you have to sign up and pay them. They present themselves as purveyors of repossessed property. I was looking for an airplane and hoped I would find one in my price range this way. When I signed up, I discovered that the information presented on their web site ...

Sunoco Gas Station
Consumer Review

Took car to have emergency brake cables replaced on both right and left rear. Dropped car off on 3/28 and picked up on 3/29 evening. I dropped my sister off at home and then came home and parked my car. Got up next morning to wash car, seen damage to passenger fender and door. Called Sunoco, talked ...