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-- Original Message --
From: O'Leary James
To: George Hill
Cc: Ray Lester
Sent: Wednesday, May 29 11:47 AM
Subject: RE: Evertex Coatings External Parex Wall Insulation Cowboys

Dear Mr Hill,

I have been in touch again with the system supplier, External insulation Ireland Ltd. The Contractor and System Suppliers are best placed to advise you how to deal with the Algae problem, and Mr. Ray Lester of External insulation Ireland Ltd. has assured me that he will contact you shortly to discuss what options are available. I have asked Mr Lester to let me know when he has met with you.

I have copied below advice from External Insulations Ireland which I passed on to you previously.

Best regards

James O’Leary


“Algae is quite common especially in this weather, there are additives in the acrylic render to resist algae and moss growth however with the best will in the world there would be no such finish as a algae resistant external finish. External Wall Insulation would be quite prone to algae under the right conditions due to is lack of Thermal Mass. There would be many dwellings completed with the same batch of acrylic finish and have not got any issue with algae forming on the surface, this would be due to building orientation and surrounds. it is quite common in facades facing the north west and north.

find below text for the maintenance of algae on the surface of Acrylic finish.

· Mold, mildew, and algae are microorganisms that can grow on virtually any surface if the conditions are right. If this growth appears on the surface of the EIFS finish, it can be cleaned and removed. Commercial cleaners designed to remove mold, mildew, or algae are available. Alternatively, a solution of one part household liquid chlorine bleach to five parts clean water may be used. Apply this solution to the wall with a soft, non-metallic bristle brush, then rinse the wall thoroughly with clean water to remove the bleach solution. If you are unsure of the results of either method, test a small area first.

· Pressure Wash

Pressure washing is an ideal way to quickly clean your exterior wall and regain its original look. Pressure should not exceed 1, 000 psi. The washer should be held at least one foot from the finish to avoid possible damage, and the operator should keep the tip of the washer moving.

the quality of the works need to be inspected and I can arrange to visit in the coming weeks, unfortunately my dates are not available due to prior arrangements and appointments.

I can also arrange to speak further with John of Evertex on the matter.

anything further please contact me.


Raymond Lester

Mobile 087 2022698”


Company: Evertex

Country: USA   City: Ashbourne
Address: Unit 8, Ashbourne Manufacturing Park
Phone: 018353778

Category: Miscellaneous


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