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Consumer Report

I made a mistake that I have never done before. I purchased an item on impusle before doing a background check on the site to see if they were reprotable. It was advertised as a one day sale so I bought into it. After placing the order I figured I would wait until the item ships and then I could track it like I do every other item I have ever purchased in the past 20 years. Instead I noticed the money was taken out of my account before notification of shipping. Then I recieved a phone call requesting additional money for shipping. I became suspicious and did a background check of the company. I found out they had an "F" rating with the BBB, over 500 plus complaints on a complaint internet site.

At this point I called them back asking for a full refund of my money. They stated that there was a 30% charge for canceling. They told me not to believe what you read and assured me that they deal with over 10,000 customers a year. So there percentage could not be that bad or they would be out of business. I explained that hundereds have complained, but I'm sure that there are thousands that just took it as a learning experience and said nothing.

It is now July 9th and I still do not have a dime back. I was willing to take the $330.00 loss, but as it stands right now I am $1,140.00 in the whole and have know idea where to turn to try and get my damages back.

Don't be fooled by there sale adds. The sale prices run forever, they just change the wording for the sale everyday. I read so many complaints about different merchandise being shipped, broken items, or items never even showing up. Yet on all of these different occasions they took the customers money and then gave the customer the run around. I tried getting out of it before even having the item shipped, I was willing to lose 30% of my money, and I still got shafted for the whole 100%.

One thing going forward is I will always use a credit card, not a bank card. My bank told me that if it was un-authorized use of my card. Meaning I was completely unaware of the purchase I would beable to get refunded. But my circumstance falls into Fraud and they do not get involved with these kind of matters. Leaving me fighting this one alone.

If anything comes of this I hope that this will stop others from falling victim to this kind of "FRAUD"...

Bryan, R.I.


Company: Safer Wholesale

Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Joliet   ZIP: 60436
Address: 2108 McDonough Street
Phone: 8666063991

Category: Miscellaneous


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