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Jersey Central Power And Light, Board Of Public Utilities
Cause a Family With A Disabled Child to Suffer In the Dark For Over Two Years

Hello. We are absolutely at our wits end. At this point, we just can't believe our eyes or ears. Furthermore, what our family has gone through because of our landlord, Dean Mabie and the Neptune Township Police Department is an absolute travesty.

First, we have lived in a small one bedroom condo within the La Pierre Condo Complex, located within Ocean Grove, NJ. During our entire two year tenancy with the exception of a few select months, we have experienced theft of electricity. (I hired a private electrician and this was confirmed). (Over the last two years, in a seven hundred square foot unit, we have paid thousands of dollars in electricity bills). (Enclosed, list of theft of services (1). (2) Enclosed, manipulated bills.

Strangely, enough our landlord, Dean Mabie is somehow involved with the building next door to La Pierre. This is the Parkview. (The Parkview is located at 23 Seaview Ave. in Ocean Grove, (3). Mr. Mabie has utilized some of his tenants electricity/and or services for his own personal use. This is a major scam. (Please note the electric bills). Please note the letter from Laura Halm for our landlord, Dean Mabie (5). Enclosed is a letter containing the addresses of other tenants who have also had problems with their electricity.

Now at this time, please note the following: The Parkview is listed inconsistently on the tax maps. However, we know for a fact that our landlord, Dean Mabie is involved with this project. (A contractor in our building did work for Dean on the Parkview). His name is Brian Kenney. Brian asked Dean Mabie to be paid for the work that he had completed and Dean told Brian to pack up his tools and get lost. Dean Mabie, further added that he did not know who Brian was and that Brian had never done any work for him. (The total theft of these services was $10, 000. Brian will testify on our behalf).

Likewise, there is something fishy going on with JCP&L in Allenhurst, Akron, Ohio and Redbank, NJ. (I have all of our bills since 8/05. These bills are completely illogical and make no sense for electricity usage for a unit of our size). If it does not make sense, than it is not true.
Please note the following concerning the electric bills.
1.The dates have been manipulated.

2.The kilowatt usage for a seven hundred square foot unit is much too high. (This unit is using the
amount of electricity that a department store does).

I have contacted every single entity under the sun: JCP&L, First Energy, BPU and Consumer Affairs. (NO ONE DID A SINGLE THING TO HELP US FOR TWO YEARS).
Now as if things were not bad enough. Our family is financially and emotionally devastated due to
this matter. We are falling apart. Christmas was ruined. (Please keep the following in mind. Our
son, Jesse, has Duchenes Muscular Dystrophy. (6). His physical activities are minimal). His whole world is focused on the only toy he can play with. This is his Sony Playstation II.(These games are extremely expensive). In turn, we had to run around and borrow money in order to provide Jesse with a very meager Christmas. This is to say the very least. (We continue to be victimized).

Just when we think that things can't get any worse, the bottom drops out. Next, the legal steamroller
enters the scene. Benjamin Mabie III. He acts as a strong arm for this father, Dean Mabie. Attorney,
Benjamin Mabie acted in an unethical manner on behalf of his father Dean.(Please see attachments). (7). Retaliatory action after retaliatory action ensues).

On April 25th, our washing machine broke and our building manager, Linda Kopp came to our unit. She told me that I should be ashamed of myself concerning the condition of the laundry room, Linda stated, Dean is going to have a fit. I explained to Linda that the apartment was much cleaner than when we moved in. (I explained to her that the rugs were filthy and the place was dirty). Linda, retorted very nastily, Oh, Dawn, we would have never gotten a CO.

Now, I went down to Neptune Township Code Enforcement and the running around begins. First, the court clerk, Stan explained to me that there was not one single CO for any of the 36 units within La Pierre. Every single time that I went to pick up a copy of this information, I was given the run around. Joe Vetrano, the Head Code Enforcement Officer signed off on this paper. (Why is Dean Mabie allowed to operate a completely illegal building in Neptune Township)? This is not the first
time he has done this.

One Code Enforcement Officer, Tito, stated, If you did not have a CO, than you should not have moved in. (Excuse me, COs are the responsibility of landlords, not the tenants). (8)

Now things are getting heated and we filed a police report because we feared for our safety.(9). I
picked up a copy the next day and went to pick up another copy the following day and Eileen Burew
of the Bureau of Records gave me the runaround. She told me that a report had never been filed. (I already had a copy on my desk at work). I asked Ms. Burew for her name and she asked, Why?
I replied, Because my family has been through quite enough and you are a public servant, that's why.

On Saturday, the 14th of July, our landlord, Dean Mabie came to La Pierre. He proceeded to stare my fiance, James Rahn down in a threatening matter. We had a bad feeling so we had our son, Jesse stay with his grandmother. At approximately, some time after 12:00 am that night, our door was shouldered open, we were drugged, burglarized and sexually assaulted. (Had Jesse been there, what would have happened to him? He has a weak heart).

On the 15th, we stopped into the Neptune Township Police Department. James explained, the situation to Sgt. Jenkins. James said he needed a police escort. Sgt. Jenkins said he was getting sick of this La Pierre stuff and that he did not need a police escort. Sgt. Jenkins laughed and told James to go buy a new door. (What kind of police officer is this?) Since, we had no help from the police we fled to Passaic County. (We wanted to show a friend of ours, who is an attorney, the scratches,
bites and bruises from the sexual assaults).

On the 17th, we were still feeling horrible from whatever we were drugged with. We did not want to deal with with Neptune Township anymore because of the way that they had treated us. (The following officers did show some compassion: (Letch, Brock, Foy and two young patrolmen, we did not get their names). In turn, we went to Point Pleasant, Boro Police Department and were advised to immediately go to the hospital. We went to Ocean County Medical Center and this took seven hours. (10).

We were so upset after the above ordeal that we called Neptune Township Police Department. I spoke with Sgt. Jenkins and he handled himself in an extremely inappropriate and unprofessional manner. (Please see enclosed: (11).

No one from Neptune Township investigated this crime scene for ten days. Two sexual assaults, a break in and a burglary and no one looks into the matter? (Detective Seidel looked at the site on the 24th of July). This was done because I went to the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office.

On the 27th of July, we were supposed to go to Freehold for eviction with our landlord, Dean Mabie. He dropped the charges and said the matter was settled. (12). (We don't remember this matter being settled). We were ripped off and sexually assaulted. This matter is far from being settled.

As a result of the above situation, we filed criminal and civil charges against Dean Mabie, (land-
lord), Linda Kopp, (Building Manager), and La Pierre Inc. (13).

Today the 30th of July, I went to the unit to retrieve some belongings and the landlord had not only had the locks changed, but hired a cleaning company to clean up a crime scene. (There is something definitely wrong with this picture). The Detective, Seidle who is working on this case is on vacation this week). I called Freehold, landlord-tenant court and the clerk stated that
this is an illegal lock out.

I called Chief O'Neill of the Neptune Township Police Department. He was less than helpful. He asked me if we had paid our rent. (He completely disregarded all of our concerns). (Rent was in the closet in the upper left hand corner, 20 $100 dollar bills and one $50 dollar bill). This money was stolen on the night of the sexual assaults. Documents and my wallet were
also stolen from our unit. Chief O'Neill explained to me that, Linda Kopp, (the Building Manager) is not our landlord. (I thought this was rather odd). Here I am talking about an Illegal lock out, sexual assaults, a break in, and a burglary and the Chief is explaining to me who my landlord is?

In conclusion, something really stinks within that Neptune Township Police Department. Rape, burglary and assault and the majority of the officers are sitting on their hands making wise remarks to the victims of a violent crime? We have had more than enough at this time and if you would look into this matter, it would be greatly appreciated before something really bad happens to us.

Dawn and James

PS. The Chief wanted me to come into the station and give another statement. Just exactly how many statements do we have to give? He also wanted me to bring a copy of the landlord-tenant laws. Why are we being continually questioned and the suspects are running around?

Also, I told Chief O'Neill that the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office was involved and he stated, Oh, than you don't need us.


Company: Jersey Central Power And Light, Board Of Public Utilities

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