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Santander Consumer USA
Drive Financial took an extra $369.06 from my bank account after loan was paid off in full

Had a car loan with Citi Financial Auto and had automatic payments setup with my bank account. The car loan was bought out by Santander Consumer USA I think in January. Automatic payments continued without any issues. The car loan was paid in full on 3/30 as I purchased a new vehicle and I am financing the new vehicle with a different company. Problem is, Santander did not stop the automatic payments and took another payment of $369.06 on 4/21. This wiped out my bank account and caused me an additional $35.00 overdraft fee. I called Santander to get my money back and they were the least bit helpful. They said it would take 48 - 72 hours just for the correct department to get my request! I explained I am flat broke due to this and they did not care. They would not help at all. They just said they would put my request into the queue. The queue? What? Just how many people are they stealing money from to have to be put in a queue and it take 48 - 72 hours for an employee there to get to it? Give me a break! I filed a dispute with my bank the day I noticed this (4/22). I have not heard from my bank so I called today (4/27). My bank said it takes up to 7 days for the dispute to go through. It's been 6 days of me being flat broke! Funny thing is, when I called my bank the lady said this was the 2nd call in a row she had about Santander taking extra payments from people!

Just for the record, I did try to call Santander before the extra payment was taken out to be sure the auto payments would be stopped, and when I entered my account number into their automated menu, it said account not found. I'd hang up and try again with the same results even using my ssn. I thought this meant that the account had been closed out. I did not find out until after the extra payment was taken that you can enter your account info twice in a row and it will allow you to reach a real person. This is obviously their little way of keeping people from canceling their automatic payments or from actually reaching a real person. This company is by far the worst financial institue that I have ever dealt with. I'm on day 6 with no money for food or gas. Thanks for keeping an honest, hard working person down SANTANDER!!! Thank God I get paid in two more days. I hope this report keeps someone else from getting ripped off by Santander like I got done to me!

SANTANDER SUCKS and the WHOLE WORLD should know it!

I wonder how much interest they are raking in each day for ripping off innocent people like this?


Company: Santander Consumer USA

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Fort Worth
Address: P.O. 961245, Fort Worth, TX 76161-1245
Phone: 18005260157

Category: Business & Finance


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