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National Chex Systems
Bank never received the money, I had to pay the bank myself

I contacted National ChexSystems (which I learned was the wrong company) after receiving a call from ChexSystems to resolve an account I originally had with Wells Fargo Bank.

I spoke with Vance who is supposed to be the representative handling the issue for me. I owed Wells Fargo $648. Vance assured me that if I pay the money to National ChexSystems, he will make sure the money is paid to them and he will have my checking privileges restored. I paid National ChexSystems $648.00 on January 4.

Since that time, I went back to Wells Fargo to reopen my account. I told Vance that I needed something in writing stating that I paid the account off. Vance emailed a letter to me stating that the money was paid "In Full" on the Wells Fargo account. I took the letter to Wells Fargo, they accepted the letter and opened the account. The next thing I know, Wells Fargo deducts $648 from my account again on February 2. I called, took many trips to the bank to explain I've already paid the account and proved it by submitting a letter with that confirmation. Long story short, spoke to Samantha of Wells Fargo who claims to have investigated the account and found I did not pay Wells Fargo twice because they've never received money from National ChexSystems.

I call ChexSystems to find out what's going on. Spoke to Rovina who assured me that ChexSystems does not take money from consumers and this should not have been done in my case. I call NationalCS back and from there got a complete run around. Spoke to Vance, who transferred me to Bradley (who never returned my call). Bradley stated he would research the case and give me a call back. I never heard from Bradley again. I called Wells Fargo to see if they spoke to Bradley and of course that was a negative.

I call NCS several times after, and after being placed on hold several times until calls drop, I think Vance is the one who is also the receptionist because his voice never changes and no matter what number you call, he answers. I have an IPhone so I went online to research the website for NCS. The number that displays is 877-593-5733, and when called that number guess who answers? The same guy! I hang up and call the GA number and lo and behold he answers again!

At this point I speak with him and I am irate because I realize what's really going on here. While speaking with the guy, whoever he is, he begins to taunt and tease me by asking me repeatedly if I'm still upset, and makes gestures to show he is purposely ignoring me. He then tells me he doesn't know what to tell me but his shift has ended and he has to go. I realize this cannot be a professional establishment.

I call back after being hung up on by Vance, Rich, Tony, or whatever his name is, and I speak to Caroline. Caroline was very very sympathetic, apologetic, and caring. She promised me on 03.11.2012 that I will receive a check in the mail with $490.00. The reason is because I noticed on their website that they only charge $169 and the fee is only to restore checking privileges?? So why was I charged $648. Hmmmm.

I agreed. However, Caroline told me to expect my money within 7-10 business days and of course now day 12 and I still have not received my money. I called NCS yesterday and was once again treated so badly. The male receptionist answered the phone and kept me on hold again until the phone hung up. I called back from the number they recognize and he does not answer. I give it a few minutes, block my number and he answers bright and cheery. I ask to speak with Caroline and explain I am not sure what happened but the call dropped. His whole demeanor changed once he heard my voice and says in a very low, disgusted tone "please hold."

Caroline answers as though she is in a rush "what can I help you with??? " and now she is portraying the same behavior! She tells me she sent it over to finance and they sent it so it's out of her hands now. I told her I am sorry if I am bothering you, she says oh no no, it's just been a long day. I explain that things can happen via mail so I am calling to confirm whether or not the check was sent off. She says in a bothered voice "well I don't know, finance is closed, they close at 5 so I'll have to find out tomorrow! "

At this point I want all of my money back, I don't ever want anything else to do with these people, and I am also fearful because these people have my information and I have no idea who they are. I feel as though I need protection.

Who treats a person this way when they have been paid? I am going to continue to get to the bottom of this. Please be careful people! Do your research!


Company: National Chex Systems

Country: USA
Address: 1170 McKendree Church Rd
Phone: 4043488472

Category: Business & Finance


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