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Doesn't work

This place is a fraud they pitch to you a product that you can easily purchase from any pressure cleaning shop. They try to scare you with EPA regulations and rules yet they are atomizing chlorine which would follow the same guidelines. They will make you buy an extremely over priced package that comes with trailer and a bug sprayer. God only knows how much they charge now. You end up doing all the advertising because they put you on there site and it takes a webmaster to find you as a applicator. John Brown controls the flow of work. If you aren't on his good side you will not get any work through Roof-A-Cide website the product is also worthless the only one making money off the product is Roofacide and the other half of the scam is the warranties customers will call you for warranty if you happen to treat the roof same day as you clean as most would want to do if you have to come back to the same job you end up using more time and fuel to accomplish the job you have to send a warranty into roofacide so they have your customers phone number and address. Which they will end up stealing your customer as the warranties have there phone number listed under the 800 number. The dilution rate is bogus and you have to spend so much money on there product which is nothing more then copper sulphate extremely diluted at that. Sometimes the bottles they give you even have the crystals still undissolved in the bottom of the jug. You can buy this profuct much cheaper and mix and apply it your self. You becoming an applicator of roofacide will only end up in you advertising there product and having to pay to do it you are paying for there advertising and then they will steal your clients. Not many customers will follow the program anyway the product only works on a completely dry roof which ends up being totally time consuming it is extremely caustic and will eat up your equipment just as bad as chlorine. And WARNING it is very unhealthy. They had pitched that it was non toxic and safe during my first experience using it then later I was told to make sure i wear full respirator and protective gear. They will be pushing jobs to you only if you are running around doing all there warranty work which will start eating up your bottom line. The point is you can take 30k and drop it on a roofacide scam. Or you can get your own product from a chemical company buy a 2 12volt sprayers cost you 200 bucks and treat ten times the roofs and dilute the product strong enough to apply to a wet roof this way you don't have to come back or wait around an hour to put down there perfectly diluted product which if it changes by a gallon it will turn before two years. SAVE YOUR MONEY LEARN HOW TO USE THE RIGHT COMBINATION OF PRESSURE AND CHLORINE AND YOU WILL SAVE MONEY AND THE ROOF LAST JUST AS LONG. I have chlorine treated roof lasting just as long as roofacide and it stains the face boards and painted driveways sometimes the walls and you end up scrubbing those areas with degrease to get it off. Its not worth the trouble or the price tag. And there whole pitch is a lie pressure cleaning doesn't damage roof tiles only shingles. STOP USING YOUR 25 DEGREE TIPS ON YOUR 8 GALLON UNITS. Open up your tips to 10 gallone on and 8 gallon machine it will clean much faster and use a 40 degree spread it will help clean the edges better as well it doesn't run the paint or etch only when you use the tips rated to your machine does it do that. That's what separates the pros from the newbies. You want to clean really fast put 65 degree tips and 14 gallons a minute that would be 7 gallon tips at 65 so two 7s on your surface cleaner then link your two 8 gallon at 3500 which is standard for pros and get half inch hose plumb all lines in half inch. Watch how fast you clean a roof quicker than a chem cleaner, cheaper and I will still cut a clean line into a chem cleaned roof and prove that pressure cleaning rules if done properly and you won't wipe out the landscaping. If you want to treat it with chlorine or copper when you are done it will last a long time and you don't need to pressure clean it so hard or spray an overdose of chemicals. Roof acide works if done perfectly right clean wait for it to dry and then pray it doesn't rain shortly after or you just blew 75 bucks. Also they are constantly raising the price of roofacide and blaming it on the economy that crap doesn't cost them a dime you can buy 40 pound bags of it which is what they do and it will last you all year. They are crooks and they are ripping you off. Plus by the time you add in the price you need to cover them and then the price you need to make a profit you will lose most sales to a chem clean company that will retreat a 4000 sf house for 75 bucks how you gong to make them pay 800 dollars and not feel ripped off? They also overlap areas and will have to many applicators to close to you they will sell it to anyone that comes up with the 30k. Here's what you could get for 30k 4 trailers, you could build your own washers for about 2500 bucks northern tools has honda 24 horse engines with electric start and muffler for about 1200 then you can also buy a pump rated 8 gallon at 3500 psi for 1000 maybe even less the powerwasher platforms sold for 100 batteries and housing 75 poly chain belt 60 and the two gear for the belt maybe another 100 done crap you could buy 8 of those for 20k trailers for 1000 each even less 500 off craigslist used tanks 4 of them used chem tanks 4 of them 8 stainless pressure reels and 4 garden hose reels that's 3000 and then 4 water hoses 50 each and then 8 guns 250 dollars 8 surface cleaners 2400 you could almost set up 4 complete pressure rigs for 30k why blow it on a franchise that won't give you work won't back up there products and why pay to advertise someone else crap. You are responsible for warranty problems. It's a nightmare most roofs it doesn't even work well on white roofs which are very common and it sucks on shingles without increasing the concentration. Trust me they use more roofacide on jobs they are using to advertise its not hard i have roof that has lasted 4 years without a speck of mildew just by making the product stronger. If the product works you have to beg customers to retreat most want to wait until it gets as black as it did when they started they don't want to retreat like program suggests. And if it doesn't work maybe they have lots of trees or they tile is not porous they will be calling for that warranty and you will be footing more money for product and gas and there goes all the profit.

Be smart spend your money wisely don't make mistakes that I did. Buy more equipment and don't blow your wad on roofacide applicator program.


Company: Roof-A-Cide

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Palm City or Davie

Category: Construction & Repair


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