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Manipulative Property Management Practices - not using deposit money for repairs

In mid-September I started working with Meghan @ Terrier properties to find an apartment to rent. While I was visiting different properties, Meghan gave the impression that if I found something I liked, it would be best to write a check right away or run the risk of losing it. When Meghan told me of a property that a tenant had not yet moved out of, but that the tenant was allowing the property to be viewed before she moved out I jumped at the chance to see it. The first thing I noticed was the front door both inside and out, had major damage to it (most likely from the two large dogs that lived there). I mentioned it and she assured me she would bring it up to management and they would look at it. I really liked the unit and based on everything Meghan had said about properties going quickly, thought I had better jump on it or it would be gone. On September 20, I gave a $600 security deposit and worked with Meghan to establish a move in date. Meghan asked if I wanted to sign the lease then and get it out of the way. Based on her verbal commitment to share the door damage with management, I trusted her and thought the appropriate repairs would be made. She reminded me that they would need at least a couple of weeks to get
the place cleaned and to allow maintenance to come in and do the necessary repairs to make the place rent ready as she called it. Based on that, we established that October 18th I would take possession of the keys and sign the lease.

On October 8 via email communication, I requested a pre-move in walk through to note any damage so that I would not be held responsible at the termination of my lease (as I have always done with previous leases) and also asked what had been decided about the front door. I was told that Terrier Properties did not do pre-move in walk-throughs and was assured they would have the unit move in ready and clean for me on the 18th. Regarding the door, Liz stated that Mitch would address the issues at hand once he got into the place and completed the rent ready checklist. On the morning of the 18th, the agreed upon date to sign the lease, Liz emailed me and stated they needed the better part of the day to complete the rent ready work
and asked if I would come later in the day to pick up the keys.

As soon as I picked up the keys on October 18th, I went over to the unit. I was shocked at what I encountered, especially since I had given my deposit on September 20th and Liz had called the morning of October 18th requesting additional time to get the unit in rent-ready condition.

No changes had been made to correct the door or replace it

Still have the same lock (s) as previous tenants

No nails had been pulled out of the walls and no holes in the walls from previous nails had been repaired.

Only minimal surface cleaning had been done

The stove was disgusting

The grout in the bathtub needed to be re-grouted

The holes in the bathroom where the towel bar had been removed had not been repaired

The mini-blinds were torn and were being held together by scotch tape; filthy and have pieces missing

The screens on the windows were being held on with tape (this is a security issue as well)

The previous tenants dogs nose smear is still on the front windows

Hair and cobwebs in the window sills
The evening of October 18th, in the midst of finishing packing and preparing for the movers to arrive the following morning, I sent a communication to Liz expressing total shock at the condition of the apartment when I walked in. I asked what they considered rent ready, explained that I had a list of items that were incomplete and requested a time to discuss. I also asked why the damage that was done by previous tenant (s) was left for me to deal with and was told again by Liz that she would swing by and look at the door. After Liz came by and looked at the door, she emailed me that the maintenance supervisor would come by to see what had been done, and she assured me that the door would be repaired and my other open items were on the radar for Thursday or Friday of that week.

As I mentioned previously, the stove was disgusting. During the weekend while I was trying to settle in, I attempted to cook and noticed a lot of grease and grime on the stove. I lifted the stove top to look underneath and found complete grime, great and unacceptable conditions (see attached photo). Needless to say, I was totally disgusted and emailed Terrier Properties on Monday October25th asking why I was expected to clean up after the previous tenant.

In an attempt to resolve some of my complaints, a person was sent to clean the stove and window sills and to repair the door. What I came home to was white paint over the white putty (and a poor job at that). The paint job was smeared into the still dog nose soiled windows and a note was left stating that they could not find the red paint for the outside damage. Again via email, I expressed to Liz that it was unacceptable and was told by Laurie, the Manager, that she would speak to the owners about getting a new door.

Meanwhile, I came home on Friday, Oct. 26th to find that two pieces of plywood had been painted green and nailed into the inside and outside of the door in another repair attemptwhile the damage is still very evident and it is aesthetically unpleasing.

I am in complete amazement at the lack of pride and integrity Terrier Properties has shown.

I have learned in a very short time after speaking with others who currently rent and have previously rented from Terrier Properties that they have a slum landlord reputation. A far cry from what they claim to be on their website to restore & rehabilitate historical properties.

I have one very important question. What have they done with the deposit money that they have withheld from the previous tenant? From where I am sitting, they certainly havent used it to correct the damage. They have pocketed it for profit!

I have attached a series of photographs so that you can clearly see what I am dealing with.

Please advise how I can expect to get all of these issues resolved in a timely manner, before I have to take this to the next level.


Company: Terrier Properties

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Saint Petersburg
Address: 263 6th Avenue North
Phone: 7278956090

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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