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Consumer Report

Was today to superdrug to exchange an item which i had bought a month ago.

The shop assistant suggested me to see the manager about that reason . manager came and i was talking about this problem and i my two children 2.and half and 4 years old were touching things in the shop I was trying to keeep them undercontrol as much as i could and at the same time carring the conversation with the manager.

The conversation was carrying on at the exit door in the shop floor and I did not move from there till i finish the conversation with this manager)

After finishing the conversation i turned the back on her and pushed the buggy out .at that moment the signal on the store went on and I was not aware at all what was happening. I checked in the buggy if in case my children had put anything as i was busy talking with manager. after 3 attempts to find out why was that signal on the manager pointed out a bubble bath 3.99 pound which my daughter had hiden in a shopping basket.

I felt embarased about that and I shouted to my doughter handing the buble bath to the manager.

At that moment she told me to go back in the shop and ask one of the assistant to call the security. that really upsetted me so much as obviously she was accusing me about something that i did not do it (she was more aware than anyone else about that as i was talking all time with her) then I could see that she did not give a damm to make sense but benefiting from this situation to make it even more drastic.

She left me and two kids for 2 hours waiting for the police to come and when the police asked her to check the camera she said that there were no camera in the shop (giving her the right to twist the story as she liked it for the benefit of giving herself a name as a "shoplifter catcher" and giving me a very bad name.

The police being in that position me being the accused person and she being accuser took her side and she decide to ban me from that shop for no reason just because that useless and time waster manager decided to do that. I was being kept in a store room as big as a small toilet and my children where hungry and started to eat anything i had in the shopping bags.
the nasty manager was in and out all the time and in one occasion my little son was standing in that room behind the door so when she open the door she smashed his head with it. she felt embarrased and because I m that stupid nice person (I really said that incidents happen) I really regret saying that as I could had treated her in the same way she treated me only in that case she abused with a child. One security was standing with me all the time and because I have difficulty to speak english (they were just threatning me and sneegering with each other. the humilation was so bad. when I left the store the signal went on again probably the item which I wanted to returned (I had the receipe for that) had not scaned well and the police was agian trying to find out what was going on, and I had to open the bag again in which I had a small pack of meat from sainsbury and this nasty manager said by being sarcastic " maybe is the meat" the police gave an angry look to her and left the shop with me. I m so upset that I cant express myself as good as I my writting and because of getting emotional it made me look so bad, and I could not stand for my rights as I should. I m totally devistated from that incident that escalated on this state and leaving me with all humilation and devistation
i m very upset about the whole situation i have been put through and I realy dont know what to do to clear my name and make that manager understand that accusing people just because that suits you is not the way to deal with.


Company: SuperDrug

Country: USA   City: Waltham Cross, Herts
Address: 74 The Shopping Pavillion
Phone: 01992719444, 02086847000

Category: Miscellaneous


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