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Debit Relief USA
Fraud, Scam - Will take your money

I saw their advertisement on TV, and called 1-800-426-1086, talked with Kent. He explained how this company would help me, which I was mislead. I was told that my creditors would be contacted and paid in 36 monthly payments.
I specifically asked that once I was with the program could I cancel at any time and receive a refund of what I have paid in, and was advised that I could.
In the information that I received it states that in 5 to 6 months negoiation will start.
I agreed to pay $347.00 per month starting in November. As of today NOT ONE has been contacted. I have made 8 monthly payments, paid $2734.00.
I was contacted by one of the creditors in April and I listened to what they had to offer, told them to let me think about it and I would contact them back. I Debit Relief at their client services number 866-461-0752 and told them what the creditor offered and the lady I spoke with agreed with me, it was better than they could do. I asked about how this would effect mde with them and she said that it did not matter to fax a statement that I withdraw this creditor. She also advised me that I would get the second creditor paid off faster, that is would reduce my fees. I called back several weeks later to see if they had contacted the 2nd creditor and was advised that they had not, because I did not have enough in my set aside fund. I asked her about the fees being reduced since I settled one myself. She said that she would have to have someone recalculate and contact me. As of today I have not heard from anyone, so I called.
I was advised that my fees would be reduced because of the amount I turned over to them from the beginning. I told them that they have not done anything to help me.
I asked to speak with a supervisor and was transfered, and get her voice mail. On my 3rd call back today I finally got the supervisor Yolanda, and she told me that my fees would not be reduced. I disagreed with her and did all the explaining again. She still insisted that fees would not be reduced. I told that I would like to close my account with them, and wated a full refund, she said I could not because of the contract. Told her I was not told that, I was told from the beginning I could get a full refund, besides they have not done anything. I then asked for her chain on command, she would only give me first names, and after each name I would have to ask for their title. She said that she was the supervisor and did I need her to spell it. She gave me the second name and her title as manager, and started spelling manager. I told her she was a smart a_ _. I then had to ask for the next name and title, she gave it to me. I then asked for the next name and she said that was enough. I asked her if she was refusing to provide me with this info and she said no, that was all I needed. She asked me several times if she could help me any further, and I said yes that she could and I would ask for more name. I wanted the name of the CEO, President, Owner. She hung up on me.
I called back several times asking for the corporate office and was given the run arround. I called 1-800-426-1086 and inquired about services as a new client and was given to a guy by the name of Ryan his ext # 4375. He discussed with me a co by the name of credit exchange and their plan.
I called 1-800-936-6618 and no Ryan there.
I called 1-800-431-1238 asked for ext #4375 and got Ryan's voicemail.
I called 1-800-426-1086 and they could not transfer me to Ryan, but gave
me 1-866-461-0752 to call Ryan
I called 1-800-936-6618 again and asked for client services, the number I was given was 214-461-0051, asked if they had a toll free number for Texas, I was told that they are not affilated with the co in Texas, they are a different co. She mentioned Credit Exchange, I hung up and called 214-461-0051 and there was no answer.
I called 1-800-936-6618 and inquired if they are Debit Relief or Credit Exchange, was transfered to Ryan and got his voicemail.
I then called 1-800-426-1086 & 1-800-431-11238 and asked for their website and was given
I called 1-800-936-6618 and their website is
I called 1-800-810-3390 and their website is
All these phone numbers are connected to one company Debit Relief USA, that does not have a home/corporate office that I can be provide with. Now this really SMELLS STINKY.
Now the credit card bill that I turned over to them to elliminate, due to their neglect is increasing my debit to the creditor.
I have this day filed a complaint with the BBB in Texas, and complaint with the Texas Attorney General. I will be filling a complaint with the FTC, and the Atorney General in Georgia. I will also be contacting the Texas Secretary of State to find out who is their registered agent.
Any more suggestions from you consumers out their please let me know.
Thank you


Company: Debit Relief USA

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Addison
Address: 16200 Addison Rd #105
Phone: 8664610752

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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