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2 Chance Ranch, SC Ranch
Do not trust, scammers, liers, stealers!

I have done business with these people and know people (personal friends) who have also done business with these people.

my experiances... i went up and rode 3 of there horses, they seemed wonderful.just like they stated in there online ads. i ended up trading 1 of my personal horses on the purchase of the 3. the traded horse i gave them, needed a LOT of work, would rear and buck and very spooky.anyways, the 3 horses i got were totally different within 2 days of me getting them home.

1 horse went totally lame, could hardly walk, the second horse put my friend in the hospital for 2 weeks..keep in mind these were all KIDSAFE AND SOUND HORSES NOW. and the third horse was very spooky and would bolt as soon as you got in the saddle and the horse put me through a wooden fence, had no control at all.

i called them because they wrote me out of those "gaurentees they have" and wouldn't take any horse back, they said I MADE the horses to it and then would never return my calls or email me back. UNTIL they got the paper from court about it. they called me and told me off! THEY NEVER SHOWED UP!

my freinds who have also tried these people as well.
my one friend trusted them, suppose to give them a loving forever home with CONTRACT stating if they could not keep them "I WOULD TAKE THEM BACK" well, my friend called 2 weeks later asking how the ponies were and out of the blue paul stated right over the phone that HE SENT THE PONIES TO SLAUGHTER.what would even make this guy say that!!! anyways, friend took him to court and did not show up... too this day she still has no idea what REALLY happened to her ponies.

another friend of mine gave them a very nice 25 year old warmblood mare.she could no longer keep due to loosing her place and thought she would be loved and well taken care of also including thatthe horse did have bad arthritis. well, 2 weeks later she sees THE SAME HORSE listed on the internet BY THEM for $1, 500 stating the horse is sound and is only 15 years old!!! she called them and they would not call her back.

IN MY OPINION AND OUT OF MANY OTHERS, IF I WERE YOU I WOULD DO NO BUSINESS WITH THEM. also, many reports from people having bad problems with them have been lsited on


Company: 2 Chance Ranch, SC Ranch

Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: Houtzdale
Address: 000 Houtzdale
Phone: 8145027623

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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