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Dr. Tony Mangubat is INCOMPETENT!

Doctor. Tony Mangubat is INEXPERIENCED!!! (aka Dr. E. Antonio Mangubat of Southcenter Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Club is INEXPERIENCED!!!)

I'm a former patient-of Dr. Tony Mangubat ("MICHAEL")(Doctor. ELIZABETH. Antonio Mangubat of Southcenter Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Club, and anything you do, DON'T become Mis individual. When I explain below, he's INEXPERIENCED!! Before M was his presently marketed "chest implants, liposuction, tummytuck" expert, he was for a long time a hair transplant physician. Though my TERRIBLE experience like a hair-transplant patient-of M might not offer you immediate guidance concerning the process you're contemplating, I desire one to examine my tale.

Like A hair implant physician, M did numerous "Brandy-design head savings" operations on me (called after Dominic Brandy, that left me DAMAGED AND DAMAGED!!! N. Brandy was PROSECUTED for doing these methods. Follow these links for information articles: date=19960915&slug=2349352

Follow this link for evidence that Mangubat conducted the procedures developed by Dominic Brandy:

in The growth site: "a Brandy-design head raise with maintenance of the occipital neurovascular bundle by Dr. Tony Mangubat, with the help of Dr. Carlos Puig;"

Mangubat promises the Brandy-scalp-reduction procedures were "their state of the-art 15 years back" when he conducted such methods. However WHY WAS DOCTOR. DOMINIC BRANDY CHARGED AND SETTLED DAMANGES for doing these methods in 1996???!!! Indeed, Brandy was prosecuted in 1996, not therefore within the 1990s there methods were just the function of just COMPLETELY INEXPERIENCED PHYSICIANS like MANGUBAT!!

if you should be still considering Mangubat, at least, you need to request M:

1. Though may possibly not be associated with your process, request M if he's he conducted scalp-reduction operations (named "Brandy scalp-reduction methods" after Dominic Brandy). If he does not rest, the clear answer is likely to be yes, since he's completed this process on numerous patients, including me.

2. Request him to exhibit you before and after images of the "Brandy" methods. If he dismisses your demand (claims that's nothing related to your process) and will not display pictures, think about exactly why is M declining to exhibit their own function? What's he hiding??

Though your process is quite diverse, you'll obtain a excellent concept of Mis TERRIBLE and INEXPERIENCED function by viewing these photos. When I've explained under, M butchered my head and quit me having a terrible, heavy horseshoe-formed scar 1/2 inch from 1 temple towards the overhead and back again to another forehead without any hair-growing there. Beware that photos might have hair combed within the marks, which is nothing significantly less than COMPLETELY DECEPTIVE along with a rest w/c it covers the real outcome, i.e. MARKS all around the mind

regarding photos, Extremely Important: The before/after pictures that some plastic surgeons demonstrate ARE EXTREMELY DECEPTIVE since:

- Some physicians just display their finest top% individuals, and do not demonstrate the typical outcome or, as in my own situation, the terrible outcomes.

- The pictures are usually low-resolution, therefore e.g for hair transplants, they might not obviously display the hairline or might be in low-light, thus covering the marks and also the slim thickness and abnormal search of the hair transplants.

Listed Here Is the remainder of my tale:

I had been in my own 20s after I registered as Mis individual. He recommended that I get 3-4 implant periods and 1-2 scalp-reduction operations (named "Brandy" scalp-reduction methods). The toughest choice I available in my own existence was to check out M's guidance. M quit me DAMAGED and DAMAGED!!

Our outcome was a horseshoe-shaped scar 1/2 inch heavy and 6-8 inches long on each aspect from each forehead towards the overhead!!! I have needed to endure numerous reconstructive operations, investing over $20K, to lessen the marks.

I did so several fast searches and discovered M in their own phrases remembering the "advantages" of scalp-reduction surgery (see below). This sort of surgery (the Brandy process) is what left me completely damaged and damaged!! And of course that Brandy was PROSECUTED for performing these methods!! Therefore much for that "advantages"!

M's own terms speak volumes on his mess and also the proven fact that heis unaware and unaware towards the damage heis completed to a lot of like me. Follow this url for Mangubat's remarks on head flaps, reductions and lifts (scroll right down to observe him being quoted):

in The growth site: [Tony Mangubat of Dallas, California is among the top physicians doing scalp reductions. "I Have seen in the Dallas region during the last 2 yrs a drop in the region of head reductions... I had been only a little dissatisfied inside it, and that I was nearly annoyed till I began taking a look at it in a far more objective method... The solution for this issue becomes clear." Dr. Mangubat defined his emotions on cutbacks and just why he believes the amount of physicians doing the process has reduced. "we would like quick benefits, we would like a house run. Managed care has triggered an increase of beginners. The truth is I create more money from hair transplants than head raising, therefore from the monetary perspective perhaps it isn't this type of terrible idea..." The drop continues to be precipitated by an increase of beginners because of physicians who're making less because of managed care and HMOs. "These are patients of our fresh managed care culture, " said Dr. Mangubat. Physicians arriving have now been resistant to understanding reductions, flaps, and pulls because of the higher learning curve, higher dangers, and advertising against reductions. The amount of physicians performing are outstanding constant, however the quantity of physicians entering transplants are developing, therefore the general proportion are lower.]

Easily can get it done once again, I'd HAVEN'T respected M AND NOT allow M put a hand on me. Anybody considering M DOESN'T need to proceed through what I Have experienced. And so I highly recommend THAT YOU SIMPLY AVOID TONY MANGUBAT (E. ANTONIO MANGUBAT!!!)


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