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Crawford & Company - UPS Claims
Consiracy to "deny all claims"... or at least undervalue all claims!

I have been through this song and dance with UPS claims before, so I knew from the beginning what I was in for. Previously, I shipped items when I was an employee of a big company, and they would not spend the time and energy to appeal this claims process that UPS and Crawford Insurance want's you to go through.

However, I am now self employed, and I am going to go the distance on this just on principal alone. Enough is enough.

We need national exposure on this scam, and ultimately a class action lawsuit as this is a clearcut case of defrauding the customer. This is because UPS and Crawford Insurance conspire to either deny every claim, or undervalue every claim. It is a conspiracy to defraud and needs to be prosecuted as such, both at the criminal level, and civil process.

I prepared 2 shipping labels where I paid for the "insurance" at an amount that was clearly under what it would take to replace the items if lost or damaged. And, I was fully willing to accept that amount when UPS lost my package.

However, Crawford Insurance, as usual undervalued my claim, and did not "make me whole" as required under the law. Then they jump you through hoops when you try to appeal the decision in hopes you will just go away, and most people do. That's why they get away with it.

I finally get a return call from a "supervisor" with Crawford & the name of TIFFANY HOFSTETTER with a caller ID of UPSC 817-570-6100. She was snotty sounding from the start and talked down to me like I was stupid. (I'm not by the way). She tried explaining that this was NOT "insurance" that I purchased, but rather "declared value". (Semantics). This person sounded like she is like 12 years old.

I declared the value of that package at only $195 (trying to be fair and reasonable) even though the items could never be replaced for $195. Crawford went ahead and processed a payment for like $101 total! I was given the amount over the phone, and have not recieved the check yet.

My total claim amount was only $231.59 which I WAS fully willing to accept, but now, that offer is off the table. I reside and do business in Florida, which to the best of my knowledge (from past experience) is a "make whole" state which means they are required to pay me at least the declared value OR they must actually replace what I lost.

I am now going for nothing less than full replacement of my lost items, as that cannot be done for less than $1000. These idiots think that just because I paid a certain amount for something, that is all they are required to pay. The part these mental midgets cannot comprehend is that the lost items cannot be replaced for what I paid for them.

BUYER BEWARE!! When you purchase "insurance" from UPS you need to understand that they have no intention of paying you the declared value that you are paying for.

I must now proceed against the seller on Ebay on this although he did nothing wrong, just so there is another party involved against UPS... Although I purchased the UPS labels on my UPS account and sent them to the seller (that makes me the shipper, legally).

These lowlife already tried using that angle..."well you are not the shipper"... WRONG! Crawford & Co. / Crawford Insurance / UPS will do whatever they can to get out of paying a legitimate claim. These arrogant fools are willing to go to court and possibly have a legal precedent set over a measly $130.00!! How stupid is that!

We really do need a class action lawsuit on this of every single person who has ever been shorted on a claim with UPS or any claim that Crawford every processed and shorted. Any lawyers out there want to tackle this? If not, I have enough experience to prepare and file my own complaint and it will be filed in FEDERAL COURT.

It will be filed against UPS as they are the ones who actually lost my items, and then they can deal with Crawford so they can see how they like it!

UPS CLAIM# 3675228201A
UPS Tracking# 1ZT449V24392180833
Ebay Item# 190650237437

I printed the labels on 3/19. The Ebay seller dropped them at a UPS Store on 3/26 in Edison NJ. My package never made it past that location as per the tracer. 3/31 UPS declared the package lost and this nightmare claim process began.

UPS - Claims Processing Center
P.O. Box 1265 Newport News, VA. 23601-1265
Fax: 888-458-7703
Tel: 877-524-4498

Crawford & Co. / Crawford Insurance "Claims:
Tiffany Hofstetter, Claims Supervisor
877-225-7625 x6176 or 817-570-6100


Company: Crawford & Company - UPS Claims

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Fort Worth
Address: P.O. Box 100458
Phone: 8772257625

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