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WildSide Pets
Ripoff to customers, employees, and general public

This whole pet store is a joke; their foundation of employees and unethical owners are a joke; their store is dirty, filthy, grotesque, and unethical! I worked for this pet store, and wow what an eye opener it was. I am writing as both a disgruntled former employee and a highly unsatisfied "customer".

Prior to my work history, I have stopped in a few times to look at some pups and their selection of dog food. They always seem to have an abundance of puppy mill-bred dogs; they always sell these dogs for a high price tag ranging from $500 to over $1000. These dogs come from crappy back yard breeders whose goals are just to put some extra money into their pockets. They are puppy mill dogs because no reputable breeder would give their puppies to a store that sticks 3-6 pups in a small 4 foot by 4 foot window. The pups always looked sick, eyes glossed over, not as vibrant as they should be.

As an employee, I witnessed first hand what goes around behind the walls. My most disgusting experience is how they treat and medicate IN STORE. They had a golden cockapoo at one time get really sick. They isolated the puppy from the others, left it in a crate under a heat lamp, and constantly used doxy, albon, and panacure on the pup. Nothing else. He was sick for almost 2 weeks. I had asked why the dog wasn't going to see a veterinary; and their stupid reply was: "We medicate in the store". After this, a couple of other dogs got sick. Why didn't they take these dogs to the vet? They are not veterinarians. Nor are they able to properly diagnose what is wrong. If these were from good, decent breeders, why didn't they give the puppies back to the breeder so they can take what pups they are producing to a vet?

The store is always filthy. Their employees when I worked there seemed to have little to no care about proper health etiquette. They had a 17 year old girl smoke cigarettes on the clock, not even 10 feet from building entrances. This 17 year old girl constantly had small critters like mice and feeder rats die in their cardboard boxes due to a lack of proper handling and packaging-that or she really didn't care. The worse is how she cross contaminates when she used to clean. When I was new, she'd tell me to use one rag in the puppy pens to clean the windows free of feces. Then, she'd use the same rag to quickly dunk in a bucket of water and simple green, ring out excess liquid, and start wiping down counter tops that people ate from, wipe down plates and eating utensils. Then use the same rag to wipe out the mice, gerbil, hamster, and rat cages and glass. Washing hands was never enforced, and I wonder why all these animals constantly got sick!

Now, as a customer, I have had ordeals inwhich I walk into the store, and either of the two owners are talking bad to customers. They cuss on the sales floor, they yell at people who are would-be customers, they have the lowest level of satisfying customer service. And they wonder why they never did so well on the sales aspect from time to time when I was an employee? I could have done the math for you suckers. When I was in the back working as a kennel tech, they would rush to the back and make customers wait and just bad mouth how "idiotic" or "stupid" and then revert to cuss words to express their frustration. They have this adopted god-complex that since they are the owners of such a shanty shack of a pathetic pet store, they can berate and talk their customers down so badly.

When I was an employee, they used to harass this one guy who worked full time named Wes about the way he talked. They would call him an idiot, and laugh at some of his verbal delays when conversing. They would say, "only a frickin moron would say uhmm the way he does"; I have been asked a few times joshingly on how I felt when people talked like that, and didn't comment as I knew this employee was saddened with how they treated him. Cindy and Carrie are the owners. Cindy always had the smell of alcohol on her breath. She was the nicer of the two; she had her moments, but she was the one who tried to take the time to listen to employees and customers, but when rubbed the wrong way, turned into a rabid female dog. Maybe it's the alcohol talking and not her? Who would have known?

I guess once you own your own puppy-mill supportive pet store with less than stellar customer service skills you can drink your work shift away. As if that is going to solve the problem to why so many people dislike your pet store; I find it funny how some of their current employees rebuttal reviews like this in a failed attempt to crucify their inability to work like a decent store, a decent business, with decent owners who KNOW how to properly interact with people and not walk around like a female dog with her tail tucked between their legs.

Cindy acts like she knows EVERYTHING! She doesn't. She gave a lot of WRONG information to people when concerning dog breeds and dog training. I was hired on because I had knowledge in dogs, dog food nutrition, and had the sales experience. She got mad at me for giving "proper" information in regards to vaccination, dog structure, dog training, and dog breeds. She may have been involved in animals a good deal of time, but I myself compete at the highest levels of dog sports, and have placed dozens of titles on dogs in dog sports. She started putting me down, saying how I didn't know "sh&%" and how she knew far more than I did. She would not know the difference between a reverse flow pivot in handling a dog in a cynosport, nor know how pressure from original breeding purposes can affect a dog while develop jumping skills for agility, or how spaying and neutering at 6 months of age for any dog is BAD!

Carrie used to spill her load over the most menial of things. She threw a three year old temper tantrum over the flushing of a toilet to rid of filthy water... There was an incident where I have never cut a dogs nails at the store before, and when she needed my help, got mad at me for the way their precious under-aged-smoking-17-year-old taught me how to lay down the steptic powder and ready myself for a completely unconfident dog that was snappy. She made the comment, "you say you are a dog trainer and a competitor and you can't even f&*cking cut a dog's nail? ". Well, just because someone competes in agility for more than 5 years, and has done dog sports for 15 doesnt mean they are a dog groomer. Maybe they should have had someone else properly train me instead of their 17 year old who killed animals constantly, and who cross contaminated surfaces with dog poop and stuff. From what I know, they should have their business shut down.


Company: WildSide Pets

Country: USA   State: Washington   City: Puyallup
Address: 11012 Canyon Road E #3

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